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Take Flight - eBook

Take Flight - eBook

TAKE FLIGHT is the first book in a series of children's books by writer Dominic Daniel. 

Take a journey with Harold the Duck, as he sets out to do what no duck has ever down before; Fly with the eagles and become a member of the illustrious Eagle Elite Squadron, the most heroic and brave birds in the forest. But does Harold really have what it takes or will he be eliminated?


TAKE FLIGHT is a delightfully fun and imaginative picture book for kids of all ages. A great reading accompaniment and vocabulary builder for young readers 6-9 years old.  


    TAKE FLIGHT is an excellent young reader's book that introduces kids to the ideas of goal-setting, overcoming adversity, perseverance, and building a can-do attitude to accomplish their goals. Discover why teachers, parents, and children are calling TAKE FLIGHT "an absolute joy to read," "a page-turner from cover to cover," "hilarious and impactful," and "a fun adventure book reminiscent of Jane Yolen's Commander Toad series."

    1st Edition eBook

    37 Fully Illustrated Pages

    Children's Modern Day Fable

    For ages 4-9 

    For Beginning and Intermediate Readers



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